Sex Crimes Attorney

     The laws concerning sex offenders have become extremely severe and more punitive legislation is on the way. In addition to criminal penalties, the collateral consequences of the conviction, such as Internet posting, drastically affect the lives of thousands of people.

     Unlike most firms, when you call Bruce C. Bridgman for help you will speak with him personally. A former high-level prosecutor with over 30 years of experience, Mr. Bridgman has handled virtually every nature of sex crime, has been involved with numerous high profile cases and has been in both the local and national media. He graduated from two of the top universities in the world, and has experience with local and state police agencies as well as the FBI, Homeland Security and the US Postal Inspectors. When evaluating attorneys look for this type of broad background and ask if you will be dealing with the lead attorney.

     I have assembled a group of experienced and gifted attorneys from many backgrounds to specifically assist people with PC 290 issues.

     Review the backgrounds of this team of lawyers. These are extraordinary people with diverse talents to handle a wide variety of problems PC 290 registrants confront. The work of this group of lawyers is dedicated to three goals:

  1. To assist people with PC 290 issues.
  2. To file lawsuits against those who abuse the Internet posting and commit other civil rights violations.
  3. To work toward the reform of sex offender laws that does nothing to protect the community, but to destroy the lives of thousands of remorseful, nonviolent productive people.

     When you turn to us for help you will receive the highest level of professional assistance available. The superior quality of our lawyers and unmatched experience and resources assure you of the best results possible. We are reputable, honest and highly qualified advocates.

Registration and Internet Problems

     If you have to register pursuant to PC 290 and/or are on the Internet you should call us for a free consultation with an attorney. Every case should be reviewed. We will not take your case if we do not believe we can help you or if your case does not present an opportunity for us to test the law on constitutional grounds. Although there are many people for whom relief is not possible, many others can be assisted in meaningful ways. We have helped numerous people who had no idea that anything could be done for them.

Issues We Review

  1. Termination of PC 290 Registrations. This is extremely rare, but there are occasional situations where facts and/or laws make this relief possible. We have helped numerous people terminate their obligation to register.
  2. Inaccurate data on the Internet. This is common and usually easy to correct. We obtain the court documents and work with the Department of Justice to amend the information on the website.
  3. Removal from the Internet. Many people qualify for exclusion, but are nonetheless listed on the web. The best cases for removal concern people who received probation for nonviolent crimes with family members. The burden is on the individual to prove he/she should be excluded. In some cases there is considerable difficulty in obtaining records and our assistance is invaluable. We have had great success removing people from the Internet.
  4. Constitutional issues. These are cases that test the law: We look for significant issues that provide an opportunity to file writs and legal challenges to existing laws. Thousands of people are on the public Internet although they pose no threat to anyone. We look for cases where the individual listed is a low risk of reoffending, and not a predator or pedophile. We handle many of these cases at no or little cost to the client.
  5. Other assistance. This ranges from people who have issues regarding factual innocence to those who want to relocate and need information regarding the laws in different states. We are also available to help when individuals are affected by new legislation such as Jessica's Law. Pardons, sealing records, reducing charges to misdemeanors and other remedies are sometimes possible.

Payment and Fees

     $2,500 is an adequate retainer in most cases. The State Bar does not allow refundable retainers. Therefore we charge only for the amount of time used and for costs. Unused money is refunded. If the work necessary to complete the case will exceed the retainer, you will be advised and your approval obtained prior to any other charges being incurred. In appropriate situations we will do cases at no charge to the client. We are committed to removing all qualified people from Internet postings.

      If your case presents a legitimate constitutional issue, we will try to arrive at a modest fee that will enable you to have your case tested in court. In some situations we will finance most of the litigation, cap your fee, or even handle the case at no cost.

Civil Rights and Discrimination Lawsuits

     There are tough laws to protect PC 290 registrants from the discrimination, harassment, and other civil rights violations. To the best of my knowledge, we are the only group of attorneys in California with expertise on these cases. We sue people and companies that violate Megan's Law and we do it on a straight contingency. You pay nothing unless we recover money for you. These are solid lawsuits that can result in large recoveries and help stop people from illegally using information obtained from the public Internet. In addition to damages, you may recover attorney fees and punitive damages and obtain injunctive relief. If you have been harassed or in any manner discriminated against, you need to call us. Unless people who violate PC 290 and/or Megan's Law are held responsible for their illegal conduct, these abuses will never end.

     If you are fired because someone saw you on the Internet, we want your case. If someone maliciously spreads out flyers in your neighborhood, we want your case. When your presence on the Internet causes your civil rights to be violated, we want to hear from you.

     You have nothing to lose by calling us. If we take your case you pay nothing out of your pocket. We will pay all costs and handle all your legal work and will be paid only if we win.

Sample Cases

  • County worker employed as an animal control officer was fired when he appeared on the Internet
  • Winemaker fired when his boss learned he was on the Internet
  • Airline fired cargo handler when someone saw him on the web
  • Realtors refused to sell home to individual on the Internet
  • Vindictive neighbor plastered the community with PC 290 posters
  • Vending company fired client who appeared on the web
  • Apartment manager tried to evict individual on the web
  • Competitor in spa business spread flyers throughout the community to drive our client out of business
  • Bus driver fired when coworker saw him on the Internet and told the company
  • Large chain store fired stock clerk when she appeared on the Internet
  • Owner of pool hall told client he was no longer welcome at the business
  • Client told his membership at health club was terminated when employees found him on the Internet

Employees at a coffee shop (large chain) passed out client's Internet info to other customers

Yours very truly,

Bruce C. Bridgman
Attorney at Law

PC290 Problems

If you have to register pursuant to PC 290 and/or are on the Internet you should call us for free consultation with an attorney. I believe every case should be reviewed.


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