Civil Commitment

     It is now common for prosecutors to attempt to prevent the release of an individual serving a prison term for a sex crime through a procedure, known a "civil commitment". This allows the government to keep a person incarcerated indefinitely if it can be shown that they pose a serious danger to the community. This is an issue for a jury to decide and involves sophisticated attorneys. It is now mandatory for every sex crime offender being released from prison to undergo a psychological evaluation. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine if the offender should be held in jail through the "civil commitment" process.

     Few lawyers have experience with these types of cases. The prosecutors often take advantage of the community attitude in such cases to convince juries that it is their obligation to keep sex offenders off the street. To keep a sex crime offender in jail via "civil commitment" a prosecutor must show that the offender poses a serious and present danger to the community.

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