Failure to Register Issues

     There was a time not long ago when little attention was given to people who failed to register properly. That time has passed. Police agencies now have special units devoted to prosecuting registrants who either fail to register or improperly register. Often there are task forces that are federally funded to find and prosecute people who are not properly registered.

     In most cases a registration offense is extremely serious because the prosecutor will allege prior strikes. Situations involving even minor violations can be used to obtain lengthy prison terms. Recent statistics indicated that nearly 20% of California registrants are in violation of registration laws.

      We know the laws and have defended clients throughout the state. We take these cases seriously and work tirelessly to successfully defend you.

     If you are facing a prosecution for a registration issue you deserve lawyers like us. Do not settle for less than the best when the stakes are so high. Often there are important facts or legal issues that can be used to defend a "failure to register" prosecution. In some cases a lack of intent or other mitigating evidence can be presented to the court to minimize the penalties.      Anyone facing criminal charges for this offense should contact an attorney before making any statements.

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PC290 Problems

If you have to register pursuant to PC 290 and/or are on the Internet you should call us for free consultation with an attorney. I believe every case should be reviewed.


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