Essentially this is defined as non-consensual sexual intercourse. Rape laws have been radically changed in the last few years and now are easier to prosecute. In addition, the penalties involve lengthy prison terms including a "one strike" life in prison law. Usually force or threats of force are involved in traditional rape. Date rape, nonconsensual intercourse with a person with whom there is a prior relationship is also a common crime. An individual's intent is key to these cases.

Statutory Rape

In California it is illegal for an adult to have intercourse with anyone under the age of 18. Consent is not a defense. The greater the age difference the more serious the crime.

What You Need To Know

These crimes are specially prosecuted by prosecutors who only handle sex crimes. There are many complex rules of evidence that apply to these sex crimes and a number of laws that results in lengthy prison sentences.

If you are being investigated or have been charged with any type of rape you must have a truly skillful attorney. Too much is at risk to trust your future to anyone but the best.

Winning strategies for sex crimes requires top legal skills, hard work and resources. If you are involved with a sex crime of any type you should call Mr. Bridgman to discuss your case. You will receive honest and valuable advice that you desperately need with any sex crime offense. You can reach Mr. Bridgman 24/7 for a free consultation.

Although each sex crime is unique, every sex crime is serious. It is essential to engage a qualified sex crime attorney as soon as possible. Never speak to the police, on the phone or with anyone before consulting with an attorney. Do not make mistakes at the beginning of your case that will seriously hurt you later. There is too much at risk to do it alone.

When selecting an attorney, you want someone you can depend on to be honest. Sex crime defense is a tough business limited to smart lawyers who have the courage to stand up to the public, prosecutors, and judges. At the same time, you want an attorney who is realistic with you about your sex crime.

When you come to us for legal help with a sex crime we will thoroughly evaluate your case for every legal and technical defense. We will aggressively litigate sex crime cases when this is in your best interest, but we will not mislead you about your chances or exhaust your resources on meritless defenses.

We have the experience to know when the best strategy is to seek a plea bargain that will minimize the consequences of a sex crime. Reduced charges, counseling, probation and alternatives to jail are often our emphasis.

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