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     Attorney Bruce C. Bridgman and his association of attorneys have extensive experience handling PC 288 cases and PC 290 issues. They have worked with sex crime clients in virtually every county in the state. The lawyers have a wide range of backgrounds with sex crimes in both state and federal court, misdemeanors through crimes that are punishable by life in prison. There is no substitute for this level of talent and experience.

     In addition to aggressive courtroom advocacy for sex crimes, the lawyers have an exceptional record of filing lawsuits to protect the rights of those charged and/or convicted of sex crimes - and have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for sex crime clients.

     Unlike most firms, when you call Bruce C. Bridgman for help you will speak with him personally. A former high-level prosecutor with over 30 years of experience, Mr. Bridgman has handled virtually every nature of sex crime, has been involved with numerous high profile cases and has been in both the local and national media. He graduated from two of the top universities in the world and has experience with local and state police agencies as well as the FBI and Homeland Security. When evaluating attorneys look for this type of broad background and ask if you will be dealing with the lead attorney.      Sex crimes are punished severely and demand skillful lawyers who are powerful advocates at every stage of the process. At the post- conviction stage, Mr. Bridgman is responsible for the removal of hundreds of people from the public Megan's law sex crime website and has relieved others from their obligation to register annually as a sex crime offender.

     Winning strategies for sex crimes require top legal skills, hard work and resources. If you are involved with a sex crime of any type you should call Mr. Bridgman to discuss your case. You will receive honest and valuable advice that you need with any sex crime offense. You can reach Mr. Bridgman 24/7 for a free consultation.

     Although each sex crime is unique every sex crime is serious. It is essential to engage a qualified sex crime attorney as soon as possible. Never speak to the police or on the phone with anyone before consulting with an attorney. Do not make mistakes at the beginning of your case that will seriously hurt you later.

Please call us 24/7 if you need help.

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PC290 Problems

If you have to register pursuant to PC 290 and/or are on the Internet you should call us for free consultation with an attorney. I believe every case should be reviewed.


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